Tourists complain about high prices in Maldives

Friday, 11 December 2009 18:42

Increasingly people have started saying that vacationing in tourists resorts in Maldives is very expensive.

As many travel magazines had written about this, a survey was conducted to find out tourists opinion about this issue. 80% of the participant of this survey declared that prices in Maldives were too high.

The respondents of the survey were tourists who had arrived in Male’ from different resorts in Maldives. In this 7 day survey held, 140 tourists were questioned.

Some tourists suggested that if some resorts in the country are run in a way that prices of its services can no longer be changed, then new resorts should be established which would cater to low end tourism.

“All the tourists who want to come here are not well off. Not all of them need air conditioned room, swimming pool or to eat from a buffet laid with 40 varieties of dishes every single time.” a respondent of the survey commented.
They further said that the islands in Maldives have beautiful beaches, reefs and lagoons and if these islands are developed in a simple way, tourists will arrive in Maldives happily.

“A large part of the money we spend to arrive here is used to buy expensive fruits in the world and this should not be so. We can spend our holidays here eating locally produced foods such as papaya, banana, water melon and mango.” Another respondent commented and further said that this will also benefit local farmers.

The new administration of Maldives had made a reference to introduce mid market tourist resorts in the country but so far, no known effort has been made by the government to realize this vision.

People interested in developing mid market tourism in the country say that they are imposed with obstacles as big giants of high end tourism operating in the country will face losses if mid market tourism comes into reality. But, in a larger economic scenario, this is not in the best interest of the Maldives economy.


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