Maldives government to average the resorts rent

Tuesday, 9 February 2010 07:08

The government decides to introduce a national average rent for the resorts, an official said on Sunday. When questioned about the meeting between the president Mohamed Nasheed and officials of Maldives Association of Tourism Industries (MATI), press secretary Mohamed Zuhair said the government has established a committee to research the national average rent. The committee members are attorney general Husnuh Suood, minister of transport and communication Mahmood Razee and minister of environment and housing Mohamed Aslam.

He added instead of increasing the resorts rent, the government’s policy is to introduce mid-market tourism. “The president has discussed how to lower the existing rent rates,” he said. “Government believes if the mid-market is introduced for the holiday makers, the resorts can be operated with a low rent. Also if the 65 developing resorts are targeted for the mid-market, the president believes the rent would be low and also would be easier to expand the investment,“At the meeting, the president discussed on finding a solution for the high rented 65 developing resorts.

”The chairman of Villa Hotels and Resorts MP Gasim Ibrahim and other the officials have requested the president to fix a formula to fix resorts rent, he added. Including Gasim, also the vice-president of MATI, other members participated at the meeting were Ahmed Nazeer, MATI financial controller; MATI secretary general Sim Ibrahim Mohamed; Ibrahim Nooradheen, MATI deputy secretary general; Dr Ali Sawad, minister of tourism, arts and culture and the ministry’s permanent secretary Ahmed Solih.


Anonymous said...

low class tourism is bad socially over long term... there is nooo need to promote this, mr.president...

we should only go for 1st class... less problematic.. more money...

think big, think wise.!

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