Maldives Holidays See Strong Demand.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010 00:38

In the current age of austerity you may expect that demand for Maldives holidays are on the wane, but not according to one company International Travel Connections who have just launched a new brand, Maldives Connection, to cater for the continued strong demand for The Maldives. 


In these times of austerity it’s hard to find anyone who is making upbeat noises about the holiday market, especially long haul luxury travel which has seen some tough times of the past few years. But International Travel Connections (ITC) are bucking this trend and continues to see strong demand across their Portfolio, but especially in the Maldives.

On the back of that they have just launched their latest offering Maldives Connection. Brain child of CEO Jennifer Atkinson, she noted “We have seen continued strong demand on our 5 Star Luxury Brand, ITC Classics, for the Maldives, but increasing our customers were asking for the value inherent in 3 or 4 star hotels, to fill this gap in our Portfolio we have launched Maldives Connection, which will cater for those who want the tranquil relaxation of the Maldives without the top end price tag.”

To further the point she added “People are always looking for value for money with their holidays, but more and more are realising that the Maldives is not our of their price range, when you take into account the continued strength of the Euro a Maldives holiday can come in at the same price as a break in Mainland Europe, that’s phenomenal value for money. If you take into account the number of all inclusive Maldives hotels we offer on Maldives Connection, where all the hidden costs are taken out, this can really make Maldives holidays add up to great value.”

Maldives Connection is the third brand to be added to ITC’s more affordable portfolio, behind Caribbean Connection and Mauritius Connection which are both seeing sustained growth over the last two years. Clearly the demand is their and with a dynamic young CEO at the helm ITC are sure to compound their successes to date with the launch of the Maldives brand.


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