Maldives climbs to 3rd in New Seven Wonders of Nature

Monday, 11 October 2010 00:19

The Maldives with newfound guts and strengthened efforts mounted to the third in the New Seven Wonders of Nature after lagging behind at the eighth.

“The secret of such a huge success is the hard work by MTPB, Airports Ref Association, Ref Recreation, and Tour Guides Association,” Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) said.

Tourism sector strengthened their efforts when Maldives fell to the eighth from fourth. As part of the tourism week celebrations, campaigns were held from September 27th to October 3 at artificial beach area and Male International Airport to gather votes.

The New Seven Wonders of Nature elected by a Swiss group will be announced on 11-11-11.

The campaign requires 90 percent of votes from across the globe while only 10 percent from the winning country is to be considered.

According to MTPB, voting for Maldives can be done by dialling 00442033470901 and entering 7718 after the automated message. Callers are required to wait for the ”Thank You for voting” message. Voting will continue until next June.


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