The Maldives announces new tourism rebranding strategy

Sunday, 7 November 2010 19:37

The Republic of the Maldives is set to undergo a comprehensive destination branding evolution. Set to launch next year, the Indian Ocean island nation is to develop a new strategy including a new logo, slogan, advertising and worldwide campaign.

“The Maldives is a vibrant, thriving destination that is embracing its heritage while continuing to transition into a 21st-century nation,” said Thoyyib Mohamed, Minister of State for Tourism. “We aim to unite all of the country’s unique natural, cultural and historical attributes and enliven them with fresh dynamism to position the Maldives as the must-see destination of our time for all travellers.” 

The Maldives will also seek to present itself as a destination offering a wider array of opportunities for business and investment, with the goal of spurring development and building a national image that its people will embrace with pride. “The Maldives is far more than just sun and sea,” added Simon Hawkins, consultant to the Maldives Tourism and Promotion Board. 

“This is a nation rich with a distinct culture, fascinating history, dynamic people, and of course, pristine natural beauty. The new face of the Maldives will give travellers from across the spectrum even more reasons to come and experience a truly diverse array of island experiences.”


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