Maldives offers warmest 'red carpet' welcome to Miss France contestants

Thursday, 11 November 2010 19:32

Maldives offered the warmest welcome to participants of Miss France 2011, the organising committee said Thursday.

Special Envoy to the President Ibrahim Hussein Zaki, Tourism Minister Dr Mariam Zulfa, Sunland Hotel Directors and senior officials of Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) welcomed the 33 participants on Thursday. Cultural activities were also held at Male International Airport.

Organising Committee General Manager Sylvie Celia told journalists that Maldives offered an extraordinary welcome.

“This is the best welcome we received in the past five years that we have been working with this company. The red carpet welcome, the small children there and Maldives is very beautiful,” Celia, who won the Miss France title in 2002, said.

“The photos taken in Maldives will be published on a French magazine from today onwards. The event is very much supported by the French public.”

Miss France 2010 Melaka Menard said she never expected such a welcome from Maldives.

“This is the first time I have been in the Maldives. I am very pleased to be here. Maldives offered us a very warm welcome. After the trip I will talk about Maldives in France,” she said.

Miss France 2011 partner, Sunland Hotels, brought over 80 people along with the 33 contestants.

A Sunland Travels official said a fashion show would be held in Coco Palm Boduhithi where the candidates will be staying from November 11-18.

“Australian swimming wear and Maldivian designers’ dresses will be shown at the fashion show,” the official said.

According to Sunland Hotels, video and photo sessions and learning to cook Maldivian dishes will take place in Coco Palm.

The Miss France 2011 contest will be held on December 4 in Caen, France.

Maldives also hosted a Miss World event earlier.


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