Competitors might ‘snatch’ tourism if promotion budget is downsized: Shiyam

Tuesday, 21 December 2010 15:15

Meedhoo MP and resort owner Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed warned today that competitors might “snatch away” the tourism Industry from Maldives if advertising and promotion budget is reduced.

Speaking about the 2011 state budget in today’s parliament sitting, Shiyam said the Rf22 million allocated for tourism promotion in next year’s budget is equivalent to the amount used by a 100-bed resort for marketing.

“Our competitors, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles use about Rf60 to Rf80 million [for tourism promotion,” Sun Travels and Tours Chairman Shiyam said.

Shiyam further blamed the small promotion budget for the decrease in tourist arrivals from some destinations.

“Why would we kill something that can provide us 100 percent profit? Who would do it if they care about the country? Parliament members should also think about this,” he said.

Shiyam also raised concerns over the estimated decline in fisheries sector for next year.

“It should not be estimated that fisheries will decrease by five percent in 2011. But rather it should be projected that we would be able to improve it through the use of modern methods and technologies,” he suggested.

Shiyam stressed an amendment would be proposed to cancel the licences issues to foreign parties to develop fisheries and to give Rf100 million should to fishermen as a subsidy. 


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