Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Launches Smartphone App

Tuesday, 21 December 2010 15:40

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island launched a smartphone application, bringing the hotel’s entire list of services to its guests’ fingertips with the personalized iPod Touch for its guests. Each guest arriving at the resort will be given their own iPod Touch, loaded with “Hotel Evolution,” which allows the guest to customize every aspect of their stay, from finding out about special events and booking spa appointments to receiving last-minute details about promotions and requesting more pillows.

Guests using their iPod Touch can easily view every detail of the resort, including restaurant menus, the resort’s full wine list of over 1,450 different wines, excursions, activities, special offers and information about the resort’s three spas. Guests will be able to order in-villa dining, have additional items such as toiletries or pillows sent to their room and book excursions, restaurant reservations, spa treatments and other activities directly through their iPod Touch. Requests are handled in real-time with the resort’s staff being able to respond directly to the guest to confirm or clarify the guest’s wishes.

The convenience of having this information readily available ensures that the guest can find out information at their leisure and communicate directly with the resort. The iPod Touch is also loaded with a full picture library and resort map. Each iPod Touch is branded with the resort’s logo and has been programmed with “Hotel Evolution” by runtriz, a U.S.-based software developer specializing in the hospitality sector. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the only hotel in Asia Pacific -- in fact, with the exception of one resort in Turkey, it is the only hotel outside of the U.S. -- to offer this service.


Danielle said...

Has anyone experienced this? Is it complimentary for each guest or is there a service charge? I am going to this resort for the first time next month. This sounds very interesting.

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