Maldives government to license 24-hour shops, cafes, restaurants

Tuesday, 28 December 2010 09:02

Maldives Economic Ministry will license shops and cafes selling food items to open for 24 hours commencing from January 1.

Deputy Minister Ahmed Inaz said shops selling imported goods except clothing wear will be licensed to open for 24 hours in order to broaden business opportunities.

“Our objective to provide every opportunity that is possible to the businesses. We are revising the business laws and regulations and getting rid of the useless things we have been doing,” he said.

Inaz stressed that the decision was made after discussions with businesses.

“We are holding regular discussions with businesses and Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MNCCI). We seeking their ideas too,” he said.

Economic Ministry said the places to be licensed include shops selling flour, sugar, rice, onion, potato, eggs, vegetables, fruits, curry powder, packed/bottled/canned items, baby food. Dispensaries, fuel shops, cafes, and restaurants will be licensed.

The ministry requires the shop that wants to open for 24 hours to register at the ministry and pay an annual fee of Rf10,000.

Currently a few places run for 24 hours under a special license issued by the ministry.


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