Experience Manta Ray Season at Hanifaru Bay Before It’s Too Late

Thursday, 17 February 2011 19:34

To make the most of what could be one of the last seasons this famed manta habitat remains open to dive boats, Maldives Dive Travel is now offering special liveaboard diving holidays to Hanifaru Bay, the world’s biggest manta ray feeding ground.

In recent months, the Maldivian government, Liveaboard Association Maldives, Diving Association Maldives and private Hotel Resort investors have been discussing proposals to limit access to the world famous manta ray diving spot, fuelling rumors of plans to introduce entry fees and other limitations to enter the unique Hanifaru Protected Marine Area. The diving community in the Maldives is worried that such moves could drive up the prices of diving at the site and exclude liveaboard divers altogether.

Hanifaru is home to the biggest manta feeding frenzy on the planet and has become an instant favorite with divers all over the world. From August to November, Hanifaru is known to attract up to 200 mantas and a dozen whale sharks, which come to feed on the massive amounts of plankton that accumulate in the bay due to a unique interplay between the South West monsoon and tides.

The protection of this part of Baa Atoll and the species that depend on it is vital and Maldives Dive Travel works closely with liveaboard boats Maldives to ensure that all conservation guidelines are followed and that guests are fully briefed on how to dive responsibly at Hanifaru reef. In keeping with the travelers’ adage “Take only pictures, leave only footsteps”, Maldives Dive Travel encourages responsible tourism at Hanifaru Bay.

Hanifaru Diving For Less with Maldives Dive Travel

Hanifaru cruises run from August to the end of October, making the most of the Maldives manta ray season.

Starting from just USD 1,113 per person for seven nights (including full board and all dives), Hanifaru Bay cruises will be offered on Black Pearl, Orion, Stingray and Theia. Ranging from cheap-and-cheerful to high-end, these are some of the most popular liveaboards in the Maldives.

To find out exact dates and rates, please visit our website on Maldives Dive Travel


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Hanifaru is also a popular whale-shark point.

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