Payment increment ends employee strike at Conrad Maldives Rangali

Friday, 25 March 2011 14:19

Employees of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort called off a strike last evening, which has been in effect since Tuesday, after the resort’s management agreed to increase their salaries and service charges.

A police team, which the employees claimed to have been sporting riot gear – a report that the police later denied – was dispensed to the resort.

An employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said the management agreed to increase the salaries and the service charges of the employees to the same level as other resorts of the same level, after the police arrived at the resort.

“The management was having direct contact with us every now and then. We called off our strike about half an hour ago after the management agreed to increase the service charge to the range in other resorts of this level. We will see the amount we receive in the next month as a service charge,” the employee said.

The employee added that the police intervention was one of the reasons for the strike ending. A police spokesperson, however, denied reports of the police being equipped with riot gear.

“The police travelled to the island but were not in riot gear,” the official said.

The employee further noted that the police spoke with the employees.

“Police in casual wear met with us and said that they are in the resort because it’s their mandate to protect the economy of the Maldives, not to use force against the employees,” the employee said.

“We told the police we don’t believe that the police should intervene in the matter; we were not causing any disturbances to the guests, not vandalizing any property, not committing a criminal offence. We were on a civil disobedience.” 

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