Tropical sustainability at Diva Maldives

Thursday, 18 August 2011 14:00

Often stated as an objective of management strategies for island resorts, sustainable development joins two otherwise separate entities, the island and the property, in one. Diva Maldives, located at the heart of the South Ari Marine Protected Area* registered as the largest MPA in the country, explores several solutions that support multiple interpretations of sustainability on the island.

“We support a consistent inter-islands networking in order to encourage all the islanders throughout the atoll to protect their islets and raise awareness on the already fragile marine life eco-system.”, says the General Manager Mr. Dominik Ruhl, “and for this reason we have recently opened our Marine Biology Centre on the island, as a coordination point of all the activities rolled out within S.A.M.P.A.*”

At the heart of the island, instead, the engineering team of Diva Maldives works on different processes to implement the eco-friendly island commitment. The resort recycles the waste heat produced by six generators in order to create hot water supply for the whole island, providing an average daily hot water production of 60.000 liters out of general average daily production of 300.000 liters without needing any extra energy.

Famous for its pristine white beaches, the resort also stretches a lush green garden throughout the island with more than 100 different trees and plant species. To support the constant demand of gardening maintenance, Diva has successfully implemented a “green practice” to produce organic fertilizer by creating compost from garden debris. In addition, only recycled gray water is being used for watering purposes.

Boasting 193 Villas and Suites, the resort welcomes at its maximum capacity an average number of 400 guests. Within its 8 villa categories, the housekeeping team emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment by providing a sea star toy and a personalized note which advises guests to place the sea star on the bed only if they wish to have their bed sheets changed on a daily basis instead of on alternate days.

“Island sustainability involves great efforts and logistic support but I strongly encourage all the islanders to take personal initiative in respecting and protecting the island which is not only their working place but most importantly their home away from home” say Mr. Ruhl “and for this reason we often involve them in island and lagoon cleaning exercises as well as coordinating sandbanks and local island cleaning missions on a regular basis.”


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