Maldives was simply exhilarating!: Shraddha Kapoor

Thursday, 10 November 2011 17:02

A self-proclaimed adventurous person, actress Shraddha Kapoor took to Maldives to discover her true passion — scuba diving. After her return, the actress can’t stop gushing about the new experiences she had and discovering a whole new world!

Shraddha’s trip to Maldives which lasted for a week was always on her places-to-visit list. “I definitely wanted to go to Maldives. People say that in 40-50 years of time, Maldives will not exist anymore due to global warming. So I made sure that I didn’t miss the opportunity of visiting this beautiful island,” she says.

Talking about her scuba diving experience, Shraddha says, “I can’t think of a word to describe it. When I surfaced from the deep sea, for the first few times, I had no words to express that feeling. Being in that state was simply exhilarating. Your senses will be revived and you will surrender to that magical feeling. It’s like exploring a whole new planet with such different colours and creatures.”

But it was not scuba diving alone that caught Shraddha’s attention. “For the whole trip we were living on a boat. It was a completely new experience for me. Initially it was like adjusting to the rocking of the boat, then it was the rare diving destinations that took your breath away,” Shraddha adds.Another thing that the actor can’t stop raving about is the food:

“Food on the boat was really delicious. It had a wide variety of cuisine and there was this kind of fried rice, which was simply mindblowing.” But she maintains, “The dive experience supersede any other experiences.”

Though the actress didn’t get to explore much on land, she still went on a shopping spree the only time they were there in Malay. The young actor did remember to get some souvenirs from the trip.

She says, “We went to an antique shop and bought things for friends and family. Apart from that we went to this beach which was full of beautiful corals. What else could be the best souvenir than nature’s beautiful creations?”


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