Beach House Iruveli Maldives Introduces Castaway Escapes On the Island of Govvafushi

Saturday, 10 August 2013 12:25

Indulge in your own island idyll in the Maldives with the Beach House Iruveli’s Castaway Escapes. Guests can now enjoy exclusive access to a secluded and uninhabited island for the day or an overnight trip.

Newly launched, the Beach House Iruveli offers guests a selection of Morning, Sunset and Overnight Escapes to the deserted island of Govvafushi – perfect for couples and families to unwind in a private and pristine corner of the world. Guests can witness the natural beauty of the island, enjoy delicious gourmet meals and take in the seclusion and privacy of their very own island escape.

Govvafushi is around one squared hectare in size and is only a seven-minute transfer from the resort by boat. Dolphins frequent the waters between the islands so guests can luxuriate in the company of these incredible animals.

Beach House Iruveli has built overnight accommodation on the island with open shower and beautiful landscaping out to the beach. Sunbeds and hammocks have also been set up in a few magical spots across the island.

The chefs at Beach House Iruveli will create bespoke picnics tailored for guests with a large variety of canapés, sandwiches, bento boxes and drinks, all of which is served with beautiful cutlery made from seashells and coconut wood. For those staying overnight, guests will be treated to a traditional Maldivian Dinner on the beach that will include Malaafai (a traditional Maldivian meal) served with a chilled bottle of Champagne. Overnight guests can also enjoy breakfast before being transferred back to Beach House Iruveli.


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